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After the Rain,
A New Adventure for Peter Pan
Second Edition (ISBN 0973063947)
Author: J. E. Somma Number of pages: 128
Price $9.95 (Can) $8.42 (US)

"Did you ever wish that you could stop time? To simply take one special part of your life and make it last forever?"

Warm, adventurous and engaging, J. E. Somma's After the Rain breathes new life into James Barrie's loveable character Peter Pan. Set in the twenty-first century, after one hundred years as the boy who wouldn't grow up, Peter feels outgrown and forgotten by modern-day children. To get even, in an angry rage he wishes for all of the world's magic to be cast into a heavily guarded Kingdom. After which, with the help of three new friends who come to his rescue (Crystal, Buddy and Sean) Peter must face the unforeseen consequences of his wish.

After the Rain is ideal bedtime reading for parents with younger children, or for readers’ ages 8-14.

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