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"Did you ever wish that you could stop time?
To simply take one special part of your life and make it last forever?"


Link to, Babes to Teens page, for After the Rain review by Beverly Rowe.

Link to Review by Gary Curtis and Lee Prokaska: Hamilton Spectator

Reader Reviews

Reader Review
"I really loved [After the Rain]. I stayed up until about 12:30 in the morning to finish it! I couldn't put it down. I really loved the ending!!!" AA, age 13, Toronto ON

Reader Review
"I bought After the Rain for my 11-year-old son. I was planning to read it first because I was curious about the story. But he saw it and started reading it before me. After a while, he came to me and asked if we could read it together. I don't know much about books. But I know After the Rain must be a good one because usually my son never reads! Let alone asking me to read with him!" YR, Mother, Hamilton ON

Reader Review
"I didn't like this book, I loved it! I was only planning to start with the first few chapters, but then I couldn't stop reading. I think it is really neat the way each chapter ends in a way that makes you want to keep reading because you just have to find out what happens next!" LF, Teen Reader, Hamilton ON

Reader Review
"After the Rain has so much going for it! I totally love the new character Oliver (the hiccupping fairy), who was made from a baby' s first laugh and the way the main characters caught the laugh in Peter's hat. I loved the way Ms. Somma incorporated the past with the present because it helped me understand Peter's life as a child." EK, Teen Reader, Toronto ON

Reader Review
"I was surprised by how compelling it is. I was watching TV, but I kept thinking about the scene in the hospital and had to go back to find out how it finished! It's an excellent story." LP, Mother, Hamilton ON

Reader Review
"I liked the way the story moves through time...inter-linking Crystal and Wendy from the past to the present. The scenes are very genuine. The characters blend nicely. I think this is a perfect story for parents to read to their children." DS, Father, Downsview ON

Reader Review
I liked the whole story. I liked the idea of Peter Pan encountering modern ideals and social perceptions. This might even be a jumping point from which feminists might compare their advancements throughout the recent decades. BC, English Teacher, Japan

Reader Review
"I got After the Rain for my granddaughter. But then I ended up reading it...carefully, so that I didn't bend the pages. After I read it, I gave it to my daughter to give to my granddaughter. I told her about how I'd taken a look at it, gotten interested, and liked it so much that I read it all the way through. This tweaked my daughter's curiosity. So she did the same the entire book...carefully...because she didn't want to bend the pages either. Now I need two more copies for my other two grandchildren..." PS, Grandmother, York ON

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