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Excerpts from letters to After the Rain author, J. E. Somma

Dear Ms. Somma,

My favourite part is when Crystal is in the clouds with Peter. Amanda

I can't tell you what my favourite part is because I liked the whole book. Shannon

After the Rain is the best fantasy book I ever read. Rebecca

I didn't like when Buddy almost got killed. [And] I didn't like the soldiers because they kidnapped Tinker Bell and Crystal. Tinker Bell and Crystal are my favourite characters. I like Tinker Bell because she is funny. I like Crystal because she is kind and gentle. Katherine

My favourite part was when Peter was humming a storm upstairs. Kenny

I liked when Sean used the hat to disguise himself. I really look forward to your next book. Taylor

I liked where you said "Did you ever wish you could stop time?" Then you said it again at the end. I really loved the ending. Danielle

My favourite part was the ending. Sincerely, Kaitland. PS. I hope to be a writer like you

My favourite part is when Peter goes in the shower and all the leaves fall off. Peter is my favourite character in the whole story. Daniel.

Dear Readers,

I do so enjoy hearing from you about my book After the Rain. I am especially moved by the letters I receive from children. And I enjoy the letters I get from grandparents too!

For those of you who have asked about it, my next book will be released in 2003. It is about a little girl named Laura Koole. For the little girl who wrote to say she wishes I would make my next girl character have long blonde hair, Laura's hair is as blonde as liquid sunshine. And long too! The book is called Golsteinsweg 22. It is set in Holland. A lot of it takes place inside of an enchanted windmill. I don't want to tell you too much about it though, or it will spoil the surprize.

I am also working on a sequel for After the Rain, called Peter's First Christmas. It should be in the stores guessed it, Christmas!

Kindest regards,
Emily Somma

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Emily Somma
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The Rain

The rain is falling all around,
It falls on field and tree,
It falls on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea!

Robert Louis Stevenson

John's Boots

John had great big waterproof boots on,
John had a great big waterproof hat,
John had a great big waterproof Macintosh,
And that, said John, is that!

AA Milne, When We Were Very Young.

Great Links for Kids...

On Kids Page you will find award winning books, links to great kids sites, homework help, games and quizzes. Parents are welcome, as well as teachers. The National Library of Canada produces this site. You really need to tour it and spend time there to get a full appreciation of everything it has to offer. Most importantly, it will be time well spent.

Yahooligans! Games, movies, jokes, reference, Ask Earl, science, sports and links to very cool sites. Yahooligans is the web guide for kids -- fun, reliable, and safe for kids to visits Truly excellent site for children. Contains on-line toys...such as being able to use your mouse to move brightly colored baubles and decorate a Christmas Tree or an Easter Egg, puzzles, printable coloring book pages, kids clip art and holiday pages. This is a great site to spend an afternoon visiting with your younger children.

Helping your child design their own and/or their family homepage can be a lot of fun, easy to do, and economical... has a terrific selection of very attractive backgrounds and borders, as well as some interesting graphics. This site also has a nice selection of Christmas and Valentine's graphics and backgrounds. Free for you to use.

Pat's Web Graphics: Lots of free backgrounds for designing homepages. Or, for a reasonable fee, you can order custom designed graphics from Pat. Of all the different sites we visited, we found this one contained the highest number of attractive and well designed graphics...including specialty graphics for Mother's Day, Father's Day, pets, holidays, and so forth.

Add free animation to your homepages: Visit

For Parents and Teens...

http://www.coffeebreakarcade: Coffee Break Arcade is chock-o-block filled with fun games including an on-line version of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire (playing for pretend money)! (

How often is your horoscope accurate? Once a year? Once a month? Never? Not if Jonathan Cainer does it. Whatever his secret is, Jonathan is in tune with the stars. He is quirky and has the uncanny ability to hit the nail on the head on any given day. This site has daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes for free. Or, if you want an in-depth chart, these can be prepared for a reasonable fee.


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