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Golsteinsweg 22
ISBN: 0-9730639-1-2
Author: J. E. Somma and L. David Arthur
Cover Art: Leah Bender
Number of pages: 122
Price: $9.95 (Can) / $7.45 (US)

What do Elton John, Vincent Van Gogh, a fluffy white cat named Bontje, and an enchanted windmill all have in common? Find out in this exciting and thought provoking new fantasy adventure by After the Rain author J. E. Somma and newcomer L. David Arthur called Golsteinsweg 22. Set in beautiful Holland, Golsteinsweg 22 introduces many delightful new characters including the zany windmill owner (Cornelis Koopman) and the sad little girl (Laura Koole) who moves into the cottage next door.

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Peterís First Christmas
ISBN 0-9730639-5-5
Size 8.5 x 5.5
Number of Pages: 136
Price $9.95 (Can) / $7.45 (US)
Author: J. E. Somma
Cover Art: Leah Bender

If you enjoyed the acclaimed story After the Rain, A New Adventure for Peter Pan, you are sure to be delighted by its sequel: Peterís First Christmas. Written by After the Rain author J. E. Somma, Peterís First Christmas tells the tale of the first few months following their return from Neverland, during which problems abound when Crystal, Buddy, and Sean try to keep Peter hidden from their parents. After Seanís mother (Annie) catches Peter opening the wrapped Christmas presents concealed in her bedroom closet, the jig is up. Mistaken for a thief, Peter flees not to the safety of Neverland, but to the city streets where he befriends two homeless boys (Ethan and Tyler). While the boys introduce Peter to the wonders and perils of street life, insisting that if he wants to return it must be of his own free choice, Crystal, Buddy and Seanís parents refuse to allow them to search for Peter. Do all hearts come home for Christmas? Find out, and meet a new fairy (Noel), in this special holiday season adventure that is sure to please Peter Pan fans everywhere.

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