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Introduction to a New Way of Learning: VS Model
(Integrated Experience Based Learning)

If We Could Just Learn to Listen
ISBN: 0-9730639-2-0
Price: $29.00 Can / $21.50 US
Available July 30 2003

Whether you are new to the medical, legal, or social service professions, or simply want to remain current and proficient in your ability to work with and for victims and survivors of violent crime and abuse, or others who have suffered tragic losses, If We Could Just Learn to Listen will prove invaluable. More than a textbook, If We Could Just Learn to Listen provides a timeless and adaptable learning model to assist curriculum planners, students, and professionals alike in developing and maintaining superior screening ability, rapport, and ultimately vastly improved efficacy in responding to and treating the needs of victims. It allows you to learn directly from those whose lives can either be helped toward healing or further impaired by your ability, or lack thereof, to say and do what will help them the most or inwardly cause new or continued damage to their already traumatized and oftentimes devastated psyche.

Edited by N. Rizvi and A. Bates

If We Could Just Learn to Listen: To Do No More Harm
Violence Sensitization Workshop Series 2000
was developed and produced based on the VS Model (Integrated Experience Based Learning).

Participant Feedback
"I feel that a fear has been lifted in going through these workshops. I feel that I will now be able to talk and feel empathy toward survivors of abuse. Whereas before [these workshops], I felt scared to communicate for fear of saying the wrong things."
CT, 2nd Year Medical Student.


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