Joint Press Statement,
for immediate release
March 21 2005

Great Ormond Street Hospital ("the Hospital") and June Emily Somma today announce the resolution of two years’ litigation concerning the copyright and trademark rights surrounding J.M. Barrie’s story and character Peter Pan. The parties wish to express their shared understanding that Ms. Somma’s novel After The Rain: A New Adventure for Peter Pan constitutes a fair use which does not infringe on any of the U.S. intellectual property rights currently held by the Hospital. The Hospital believes that Ms. Somma has made an important contribution to the field of children’s literature, and recognizes her love of children.

The Hospital and Ms. Somma have put in place an arrangement consisting of mutually-agreed conditions under which Ms. Somma may develop After the Rain and the further adventures of its storyline and characters.

The Hospital also wishes to express its regret that, over the past few years, Ms. Somma’s motives were impugned and her commitment to children’s well-being called into question by others. The Hospital hereby disavows any such statements.

The Hospital wishes Ms. Somma luck in her future enterprises, and looks forward to her future works based on After The Rain under the parties’ arrangement.

Ms. Somma is the author of After the Rain: A New Adventure for Peter Pan, ISBN 0973063947 (Daisy Books, 2002). To purchase: You can purchase After the Rain at any bookstore in Canada or the US, or contact sales@, or purchase at

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